Dr. Mustafa Khattab

Whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth glorifies Allah. For He is the Almighty, All-Wise.


Dr. Mustafa Khattab

He is the One Who expelled the disbelievers of the People of the Book from their homes for ˹their˺ first banishment ˹ever˺. You never thought they would go. And they thought their strongholds would put them out of Allah’s reach. But ˹the decree of˺ Allah came upon them from where they never expected. And He cast horror into their hearts so they destroyed their houses with their own hands and the hands of the believers.1 So take a lesson ˹from this˺, O  people of insight!


Dr. Mustafa Khattab

Had Allah not decreed exile for them, He would have certainly punished them in this world. And in the Hereafter they will suffer the punishment of the Fire.



Dr. Mustafa Khattab

Whatever palm trees you ˹believers˺ cut down or left standing intact, it was ˹all˺ by Allah’s Will, so that He might disgrace the rebellious.1


Dr. Mustafa Khattab

As for the gains Allah has turned over to His Messenger from them—you did not ˹even˺ spur on any horse or camel for such gains. But Allah gives authority to His messengers over whoever He wills. For Allah is Most Capable of everything.


Dr. Mustafa Khattab

As for those who had settled in the city and ˹embraced˺ the faith before ˹the arrival of˺ the emigrants, they love whoever immigrates to them, never having a desire in their hearts for whatever ˹of the gains˺ is given to the emigrants. They give ˹the emigrants˺ preference over themselves even though they may be in need. And whoever is saved from the selfishness of their own souls, it is they who are ˹truly˺ successful.